Your safety first

Of course, your exclusive apartment is equipped with certified and well-fitted door and window hardware, good lighting and a smoke detector. In addition, various measures have been taken in the field of safety.


The apartment complexes are located on a closed area, which is accessible via a gate. This port is opened with a personal tag.


Your apartment is equipped with a video intercom system. So you can see who is at the door before you open.


Camera security is present on the grounds, in the garages and at the entrances to the residential buildings.


Housekeeper Louis Brand lives on the grounds of Frankenheuvel and Beaulieu. He keeps an eye on things, carries out small repairs and carries out general activities. Louis can be reached 24/7 during office hours in emergencies. You can also call upon him when you rent an apartment in Belgischepark.

Louis works on the following days: Mon – Wed – Fri between 8 am and 2 pm